Nancy Hubbard

Artist Statement

I use art making as a method of marking time through process, in an effort to make something beautiful that transcends my daily life. My recent work is an escape from the complexities of the modern world and a return to traditional materials and meditative mark making. I have developed a unique process that references art history and utilizes time-honored techniques. The pieces function together as a body stylistically, but each stands alone in its own small universe, or landscape. 

The work begins with the gesso sottile: each component carefully measured, mixed, and applied painstakingly to the panel, in layers, sanded and worked until the surface is built. Then I lay down a cacophony of charcoal lines and forms and then take them off. I repeat the process, with the intention of capturing remnants of movements and marks in a way that manifests the passage of time and the inevitable birth of something new. In some works, I apply fields of color using clay and pigment to anchor the piece, while those that are monochromatic float freely in their own space. Finally, I apply multiple coats of carnauba wax and buff."



Nancy Hubbard studied photography at Rutgers University in the late 80s. She primarily focused on black and white analogue work and eventually developed an interest in instant Polaroid images. Nancy moved to New York City in the 90s and spent much of her post-academic artistic energy devoted to traditional crafts, including metal/sculptural patination and gilding, as well as restoration and conservation. She had the privilege of working with some of the great designers, artisans, and art conservators of the time, which did much to expand her arsenal of techniques, knowledge of materials, and breadth of vision. In 2006, Nancy turned her attention back to fine art to repurpose traditional methods and materials to create a series of works inspired by both process and art history. These works have been exhibited both locally and internationally.

Selected Recent Exhibitions

Solo Show 2014

Latitudes, Steven Amedee Gallery, New York, NY Group Shows


Femmes Fortes, The Curator Gallery, New York, NY
Artists of the Year, 2015, The Curator Gallery, New York, NY


Sluice_2015, Bargehouse, OXO Tower, South Bank, London, UK, galleryELL booth
Fields Like Waves, curated by Paulina Kowalczyk and Kaysie Hawke, Songs for Presidents, Ridgewood, Queens, NY
DADU: conversations, curated by Jodi Hays and John Ros, E Nashville, TN
(UN)SCENE Art Show, curated by Mikel Glass, New York, NY
Artists of the Year, 2014, The Curator Gallery, New York, NY


conversations: exterior-interior, curated by John Ros, galleryELL
Wonderland, curated by Risa Shoup, The Invisible Dog, Brooklyn, NY,
Print Facets: Five Centuries of Printmakers, curated by Michelman Modern, The Curator Gallery, New York, NY
Pleasure & Pain, curated by Kirsten Nash, galleryELL
Away We Go: Brooklyn Artists, curated by 3Walls, The Curator Gallery, New York, NY
HIVE, curated by Gaelle Porte, The Invisible Dog, Brooklyn, NY


BIG FUTURE, Recession Art, Brooklyn, NY
Workspace 2013, curated by Whitney Hunter, Invisible Dog, Brooklyn, NY
Draw(n) Out, curated by Kariann Fuqua and Nancy Hubbard, George Mason University School of Art and Design Gallery, Alexandria, VA


3Walls, Brooklyn, NY
Wax, Brooklyn Artist’s Gym, Brooklyn, NY Workspace 2012, Invisible Dog, Brooklyn, NY


Transient Landscape, Governors Island, New York NY
Brooklyn takes on Alton! The Bartlett Gallery, Alton, Ontario, Canada element - progress, Spool Mfg., Binghamton, NY
Nancy Hubbard & Melissa Steiger @ Gnarly Vines, Brooklyn, NY


galleryELL at the Loading Dock, Brooklyn, NY 2009

Governors Island Art Fair, New York, NY


Exhibition 20, 14th Street Painters, New York, NY


180°, The Curator Gallery, New York, NY
Draw(n) Out, curated with Kariann Fuqua, George Mason University School of Art and Design Gallery, Alexandria, VA