Q&A With Painter Negin Dastgheib


Home is a warm place where things feel familiar or vibrant. It's a feeling of a time where you were content and adventurous. It also exists in the people who have shared home with you, as you are able to revisit these memories together.

The instability of constant movement has made the desire to reconnect with these memories stronger. By infusing personal memories with imagination I am able to recreate these moments while maintaining a sense of familiarity. 

I paint from personal photographs of moments I want to revisit. By capturing the emotive responses, I am able to make these memories eternal.


Who are your favorite painters?

Peter Doig, Luc Tuymans, Picasso. I'm also constantly finding inspiration from emerging painters on Instagram.

What materials do you use? 

I paint with acrylic on board. I use flashe acrylic as it has a thick, matte quality. The range of colours inspires me. I use board for the flat surface and object-like appearance it gives the painting. 

Where do you paint?

I have my own flat in Auckland, NZ, with plenty of space for painting. I enjoy working from home as it gives me flexibility and comfort. 

Tell us a little bit about what inspired this current grouping of paintings?

I am interested in memories. What moments stand out for us and why? What places made us feel safe? I enjoy revisiting these memories and emotions so they are not forgotten. 

How did you decide to become a painter?

I fell into painting in my final year of University. I never felt I could be a painter as I had the belief it was reserved for people with high technical ability. However I realised there are no rules in art and I could find my own style.

Shows/exhibitions you’re dying to see: 

I am enjoying the experimental exhibition by young artists in my city (Auckland, NZ). There is an authenticity to them. I am looking forward to seeing more performance works and there is a contemporary dance festival (the Tempo Festival) coming up, in October. 

What are your “staples” when you’re working (i.e. do you drink tea, vodka, listen to a certain kind of music etc.)?

I need coffee, house music and sunshine.

Your dream critique

Peter Doig and Marlene Dumas

What’s next?

I have a solo exhibition early next year involving paintings of plants and nature I am working towards. :)